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Composite filling dental treatment - Dental Case Study

Dental patient John* was becoming increasingly unhappy with the look of his deteriorating front teeth, to the point he was uncomfortable to smile. He sought treatment from Fono Central Dentist Dr Peter Kim, so we share his treatment results in this dental case study

Peter says that because they’re front teeth, it isn’t as common to see deterioration, but that it is still possible.

“It goes to show that any teeth can be affected with a neglected diet and oral hygiene regime,” he says.

“Former substance abuse or a high sugar diet (especially soft drinks) are the major causes for this type of decay.”

Up until John’s treatment, he was a fairly regular attender at the clinic but because of budget constraints, had only sought relief of pain appointments.

“Not only does tooth deterioration affect your confidence and social life, it can give pain and infection, and the inability to eat certain foods,” says Peter.

Peter describes the seriousness of John’s teeth deterioration case as an 8/10, and because of budget constraints recommended a composite filling (white/tooth coloured filling) as a straight-forward but effective treatment.

John was able to access funding for the treatment, and all work was completed in a one hour appointment.

Peter describes the results as vastly improved.

“This simple but vast improvement will help John to get his confidence back and hopefully re-motivate him to take care of all his teeth,” says Peter.

“He was very happy with the efficient, friendly service and he walked away smiling.”

Giving advice to others Peter says prevention is always best.

“It is far better to prevent the problem from starting rather than trying to fix it later on.”

“To that extent, a well-balanced diet, good home care with brushing and flossing as well as regular visits to the dentist are the best way to prevent this kind of problem.”

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*John is not the patient’s real name