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Tirisa Turagaiviu

Whanau Ora Navigator

Location: North Shore
Languages: Fijian, English, Pidgin English

Tirisa Turagaiviu is the Whanau Ora Navigator working with families on the North Shore. As a North Shore resident she has an in-depth knowledge of the local community and issues Pacific people are experiencing. She has extensive local knowledge of services and agencies, which she uses to assist and link families to appropriate support using the Whanau Ora framework. She holds a Bachelor in social work, which her interest was prompted in by supporting family with government agencies and the challenges families experienced, particularly new migrants. Tirisa also has extensive retail customer service experience and experience providing voluntary support in communities. She and her husband migrated to NZ in 1982 and originally settled in West Auckland before relocating to the North Shore 15 years ago. She actively supports and participates in the local North Shore Pacific community programme that supports the health of Pacific people and Fijian church. She is an active member of the Fijian women’s group and supporter of rugby 7’s.

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