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Blood Donation

There is no substitute for donated blood and NZ has a constant need to recruit new donors.

NZ Blood Services says that less than 4% of all possible donors in New Zealand actually roll their sleeves up and give each year, and Maori and Pacific donor numbers are significantly lower than other donors in New Zealand.

Each time you give blood you may save up to three lives. It may be someone you know, in your family, in your community or a stranger whose life you saved. The Fono strongly encourages more people to donate blood regularly, to make a difference in someone’s life.

Benefits of donating blood:

  • Help save the life of up to three people with a single donation of blood
  • Make a difference in your community by helping others
  • Develop a sense of commitment to and connection with your fellow Kiwis
  • Be assured that adequate supplies of blood are available for you, as well as your family and others
  • Join a very special group of volunteers

Bone marrow registry

Low donor numbers also apply to the national bone marrow registry. NZ Bone Marrow states that currently, European patients have access to over 15 million European bone marrow donors worldwide, compared to just 10,000 Maori on the NZ Registry. Ancestry plays a big role in bone marrow donations because the patient is most likely to match someone of the same ethnicity.

Each year many patients, including Maori, are diagnosed with leukaemia or other serious blood disorders and often a bone marrow transplant is the only hope for a cure. The patient is most likely to match someone of the same ethnicity.

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