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Elder Abuse

Older people have an important role in society, and The Fono recognises this and actively advocates for the elderly in the community, ensuring they are well cared for and live comfortably.

Our senior citizens are valuable contributors to our society and economy but sadly elder abuse in New Zealand is a growing and serious social concern.

A large proportion of elderly abuse comes from a family member and can range from neglect, physical and psychological abuse, to financial abuse.

The Fono’s older peoples’ activity programmes help to create an environment where the rights of older people are respected and upheld and their wellbeing promoted.

Our programmes take into account a variety of preferred participation and support levels. Activities are held in a stimulating and supportive environment to assist older people to meet their physical, emotional and social support needs. Additionally, support is available for those members who speak English as a second language or who have limited communication abilities.

We encourage you to gather around and check in on the older ones in your community regularly to ensure they are healthy, happy and living free of harm.

Signs of elderly abuse:

  • unexplained behaviour, sleeping or eating habits
  • withdrawal and/or anxiety
  • fear of a particular person
  • confusion
  • unexplained injuries
  • drowsiness (due to over-medication)
  • flinching from touch
  • unusual withdrawals from bank accounts
  • unpaid bills, lack of money for necessities

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