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Family Violence

Any behaviour that makes someone else feel controlled and fearful is not ok. No one should be frightened of their partner or someone in their family. Everyone in a family or in a relationship should feel safe. The law states that 'domestic violence' can be physical, sexual or psychological.

  • Nobody has the right to assault another person
  • Nobody is allowed to have sexual contact with another person without permission
  • Nobody has the right to use intimidation, threats or mind games to gain power over another person

A healthy relationship is supportive, trusting and warm. But in some relationships one person uses power and fear to control another.

Domestic violence is about a systematic pattern of forced control through physical, sexual, emotional or financial violence that leaves the victim/s intimidated, hurt and fearful for their life, and the lives of their family.

Why families hide violence

There are many reasons family violence is kept secret from others:

  • They are afraid that no one will believe their story
  • They think that things will be worse for them if they tell someone what happens in their family
  • They may be ashamed
  • They may be worried about being blamed for the violence
  • Their culture and beliefs

There are many serious effects of violence in families. Children who have a parent who is or was abused have a higher risk of being abused themselves.

Whether they see it, hear it or just know about it, it's important to remember that children need adults to keep them safe, and we all have a role to play in this. If you are worried about a child – don't ignore it.

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Help and support is available for those suffering from family violence. In an emergency, call the Police on 111 if you think you or someone else is in danger.

The Fono provides family violence services in West Auckland to Pacific families.

Family Violence crisis intervention 

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