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A convenient pack to stay on track

Patients of The Fono West in Henderson are about to benefit from receiving personalised ‘blister packs’ at The Fono pharmacy, minutes after their GP appointment, enabling them to stick to their daily medication schedule.

The Fono CEO Tevita Funaki says the lack of compliance to medication by patients has been a challenge, but says the blister packs will make it easier for them to follow.

“The philosophy of The Fono and our board is that we want our patients to take their medication as prescribed and understand why doing so will improve their health and wellbeing,” he says.

A new robotics machine at the in-clinic pharmacy produces personalised blister packs for patients in 1-2 minutes.

“Patients traditionally go to a pharmacy after their doctor’s appointment, have to wait for their prescription and then need to sort out their schedule, or get family to help,” he says.

”Having a robotics machine at The Fono, that can produce a personalised blister pack within a minute or two at our own pharmacy, makes it easier for the patient. It’s faster, more efficient and helps eliminate human error.”

The dosage pockets can be separated and placed in a handbag or pocket when leaving the house, instantly reducing the chances of forgetting medication.

Tevita says the lack of compliance to medication, particularly among the Pacific population, has often been put down to things like costs and transport difficulties. But research shows a lack of health literacy is the main reason.

“Many don’t understand their condition, or understand what they’re taking and why,” he says.

“The combination of a personalised pack and a GP that explains the importance of taking the medicine as prescribed goes a long way to addressing that. Besides making the process quicker for the patient, they have a far better understanding as to why.”

Clinical Director of The Fono, Doctor Dr Lu’isa Fonua-Faeamani agrees that medication compliance and safety is greatly improved by having medication blister packed.

“The blister packing greatly assists my patients who are on more than three tablets a day. It reduces the confusion of which tablet is taken at which time of the day and helps patients to keep track of whether they have taken their medication,” she says. 

“As memory fades with age and with busy and often non-routine programmes, my patients often cannot remember if they have taken their medication each day and then may be too scared to take it again in case they had already taken it. The blister pack initiative helps alleviate that.” 

Benefits of a blister pack

  • Is faster to prepare so you don’t have to wait for your prescription
  • Helps eliminate human error when sorting medication
  • Makes it easier for patients to stick to your daily medication schedule
  • Helps you remember your medication if you go out as the dosage pockets can be separated
  • Helps you understand your medication including how much to take and when to take it

The Fono Pharmacy

The personalised blister pack is free of charge with free delivery of medication anywhere in Auckland. All you need to do is come and see our Pharmacist Niranjan.

Our on-site Pharmacy is located in the waiting area of the Henderson clinic. We can fill any prescriptions you may require after your appointment.

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