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A new way to stop smoking

Do you want to stop smoking but don’t know how? There’s a NEW way to stop smoking that’s free, fun and that works.

The journey to stop smoking can be tough. The Fono now offers a FREE stop smoking service that is flexible to meet your needs.

Group and individual sessions are available to support you through your journey.

Senior Manager of Services at The Fono, Sally Dalhousie, says the programme allows people to support each other, in an environment where you feel comfortable.

“It’s about going into the spaces of our smokers that want to stop, and working in a place where you feel comfortable, rather than expecting you to come to a clinical space in a setting that feels foreign,” she says.

23 year old Brooke Hodgkinson has been smoking since she was 14 years old.

“I know all the reasons that I should give up smoking, but there’s just something there, my will power’s not strong enough to go, ‘yip today’s the day’.

Miss Hodgkinson has tried to quit twice before, but each time it has been unsuccessful.

“There’s just something where you just pick it up and you don’t even realise and you know you shouldn’t do it but you’ve just got to really.”

With a high success rate of similar programmes overseas, the service hopes to get people putting out the butt once and for all.

The stop smoking programme is offered in Auckland and Waitemata communities, and qualified Pacific quit coaches coordinate and deliver the service.

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