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Community Services restructure for further growth

The Fono Community Services section will restructure from 1 July 2017, to allow for further growth and management focus on critical success factors.

Tevita Funaki, CEO of The Fono says two distinct units are being established for public health and social services, effective from 1 July 2017.

“We are setting up two distinct units, Public Health and Social Services as we have reached the point where each arm needs its own leadership,” he says.

“This will ensure continuing high standards of delivery and with enhanced resourcing also allow us take full advantage of the fresh opportunities presented to us.”

The units will be headed by two well experienced Fono managers reporting to the Chief Operating Officer Sally Dalhousie.

Hira Harema (Community Services Manager) is taking on the role Manager Public Health and Ana Aitcheson (Social Services Team Leader) will be the Manager Social Services.

As an interim measure, Hira will also manage Whanau Ora in her portfolio.

Chief Operating Officer Sally Dalhousie says The Fono will continue to provide wrap around support for patients and clients, while allowing more direct interaction with management.

“What is very important to note is that the setting up of the two units will not diminish the cross discipline referral and support to The Fono clients and patients,” says Sally.

“We will continue to have a wrap-around service in every respect. For staff within the two new units, the new structure will provide more direct interaction with management.”

“This exciting new development marks a significant time in the progressive history of The Fono.”

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