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Creating Healthy Babies for Healthy Futures

As a leader in Pacific health, The Fono knows more needs to be done to counteract diseases such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and obesity before people reach adulthood. The Healthy babies Healthy Futures Pacific programme, co-ordinated by Maria Kumitau aims to change that.

Specifically designed for the Pacific community, including pregnant women, women with children under four, and their families and communities, free programmes promote a range of messages for healthier babies.

These include best foods to eat while pregnant, how to gain healthy weight while pregnant, how to get moving and exercise safely, best foods for breastfeeding, introducing solid foods for babies, ways of safe sleeping baby, having a smoke-free environment, support available after baby is born and free well-child checks.

“The exciting part of this programme is the focus is on pregnancy. Research shows if we encourage mothers to eat healthy, it improves outcomes for their babies,” says Maria.

“We can expect to see a healthier baby without the risk of hypertension, diabetes and obesity to the mother.”

The Fono is working other Pacific health providers, including Alliance Health Plus, Pasifika Integrated Health Care, Procare, Pacific Heartbeat / The Heart Foundation and TAHA – Well Pacific Mother and Infant Service.

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