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Five reasons to enrol – become part of The Fono family and reap the rewards

$33 – that’s how much you can save each time you visit your GP if you’re enrolled at The Fono and over 18 years old, rather than visiting as a casual patient. Plus, you receive priority appointments, continuity of care with your GP and access to a wider range of free services offered at The Fono. Here are five reasons you should enrol at The Fono.

Sally Dalhousie, Senior Manager of Services at The Fono, says patients who enrol gain numerous benefits including paying lower fees than as a casual patient and receiving continuity of care.

1. It’s cheaper

Enrolled patients who are eligible for government funding (those who have a Community Services Card) are entitled to subsidised fees when they visit a GP. Enrolled adults pay $17 while it is $10 for children aged 6-18.

If you are not enrolled and/or eligible for government funding, casual visits cost $50 for adults and $25 for children aged 6-18 years, which soon adds up overtime.

Children aged 0-5 years are free, whether they are enrolled, casual, or eligible for government funding.

2. Your GP can provide continuity of care

By being enrolled, seeing a regular GP means the Doctor is aware of your medical history and able to provide a continuity of care.

3. You get priority appointments

At busy times, we do our very best to ensure our patients aren’t kept waiting. Sometimes our doctors have to spend a bit more time with a patient based on their needs at the time and sometimes patients will have urgent needs to attend to.

If you are enrolled, our receptionists will give you priority for appointments so that you’re able to see your GP as soon as possible.

4. You will receive recalls and reminders

If you enrol you will be included on our recalls and reminders for follow up appointments and screening for services like cervical and breast screening and immunisation for children.

5. You can access more services

As an enrolled patient, you can access a range of extra community and social services offered by The Fono including Family Support, Family Start, Mental Health support, free exercise classes and nutrition sessions and help with putting in a vegetable garden - if you are Pacific, you may also be eligible for additional Whanau Ora support. You may also be able to access a free health interpreter / translator if appropriate and if you’re eligible.

Why enrol?

1. Cheaper GP fees for enrolled eligible patients as a VLCA clinic ($17 for adults, $37 less than a casual visit)
2. Continuity of care with your GP
3. Priority appointments
4. Reminders and recalls
5. Access to The Fono’s extensive community and social services

Enrol Now

We are currently accepting new patient enrolments at all four clinics. With a culture of caring, our patients are our number one priority, so contact us today.