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Ten tips for the festive season

It’s the time of year for feasting and celebrating but this doesn’t have to include an expanding waistline or being less active. Here are some easy ways to celebrate with your family and feel great over the next few weeks …

  1. Summer brings lots of low-cost vegetables so get creative and make tasty salads – you can find some easy recipes here
  2. Try to stick to the routine of having three meals a day – it will help keep hunger away and you'll be less likely to snack between meals.
  3. Shop with a list so you aren’t tempted to buy extra things.
  4. Don’t go to parties hungry – have a banana or sandwich first.
  5. Make your plate is at least half vegetables. Choose foods that will fill everyone up and be good for you.
  6. Ask yourself if you really need that second helping.
  7. If the party or gathering is at your house, only make enough food for the number of people coming and put the food away once people have finished eating.
  8. Join in playing games with your children – they will be delighted and you will have fun.
  9. Take a ball to kick or a cricket bat and tennis ball with you to the park or beach.
  10. Fun items such as balloons, hula hoops, skipping ropes, balls or bubble-blowing mixture are perfect toys for kids and adults!