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Blackened front tooth bleaching – dental case study

Some bad dental advice years ago left patient Mary with a discoloured front tooth that she thought could never be fixed. It wasn’t till she came to The Fono that she discovered her smile could be improved. We share this dental case study with Dr Mowafaq Amso.

Years ago (way before the internet), dental patient Mary had an abscess on her front tooth.

She needed to have a root canal treatment to remove the nerve, and the treating dentist at the time warned that her tooth would discolour, but incorrectly gave her no treatment options to combat the discolouration.

Mary lived for years and years thinking that nothing could be done about the black discolouration in her front teeth.

Enrolled at the medical clinic downstairs, Mary had heard about The Fono dental and decided to book in for an appointment.

She had a detailed consultation with treating dentist Dr Mowafaq Amso, discussing the process involved in improving her smile.

Dr Amso describes the seriousness of Mary’s case as an 8/10.

“Mary’s treatment involved bleaching the inside of her discoloured tooth,” he says.

“The bleach dressing was left in for a week, and follow-up appointments were arranged to remove the bleach dressing and place a permanent filling.”

Dr Amso says the treatment turned out really well, and Mary loved the results.

“She never thought she’d ever see her tooth be white again! It has been so long since the tooth went black,” he says.

“Mary was just simply overjoyed.”

Dr Amso’s advice to others is to have regular dental check-ups where patients can share all of their concerns and worries.

“We are here to answer your questions and help find solutions to your problems.”

Want to improve your smile?

Don’t wait, get it fixed – if you have an abscessed front tooth it’s important to deal with it as soon as possible. If you are interested in improving your smile contact us today for a dental consultation. We aim to provide affordable, high quality dentistry. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan for the best results within your budget.

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