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Chipped Teeth Dental Treatment - Dental Case Study

Over the years, dental patient Samuel* had been seeing various dentists as his front teeth broke and weakened where he had large fillings. After years of having them repaired, Samuel came to The Fono dental for a longer-term solution. Here we catch up with Dr Mariam Anwar who completed Samuel’s treatment

Mariam says in teeth where there is extensive decay and large fillings, it is common for them to chip or crack and become weaker.

In Samuel’s case, his teeth had large fillings and kept chipping. Rather than having a crown, he would see different dentists as they broke and would keep having them ‘patched’ or repaired.

“Samuel was aware that his teeth were weakened by his large fillings, but kept having them patched.”

“In these cases it’s common to see repeatedly failing / breaking fillings and patients should really have them replaced or veneered / crowned if a dentist recommends it.”

Mariam describes Samuel’s case as a 6/10 in terms of seriousness.

His treatment involved a series of visits to fix the issue. His first visit included a consult, exam and x-rays.

Coming back for a second visit, he had his old fillings removed, and new fillings put in with temporary crowns.

He then came back for a third visit to have his permanent crowns cemented in.

The result? Mariam says Samuel’s treatment results are both functional and visually appealing.

“Samuel was very pleased with the results and he is now able to protect any further damage to his teeth by having protective crowns.”

When asked for her advice to others, Mariam says “don’t leave teeth broken for long – see your dentist as soon as possible to prevent further damage and get the crown if your dentists recommends it”.

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*Samuel is not the patient’s real name