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Tooth wear and dental appearance - Dental Case Study

Dental patient Angela* was concerned about her dental appearance and the wear of her teeth and came into The Fono to see how we could help. Here we catch up with Dr Mariam Anwar at our Central Clinic on Angela’s treatment and her great results.

Dr Mariam Anwar says teeth wear is a relatively common issue for patients. It is more common with age, and some of the most common causes are erosion of tooth surfaces from carbonated drinks or drinks with high levels of acidity, attrition caused by tooth grinding or chewing, or abrasion most commonly caused by incorrect tooth brushing technique.

Patients often lose confidence due to their dental appearance and continual wear/chipping of teeth.

In this particular case, in the past Angela had sought dental treatment for her individual teeth as problems came up, but had never considered rehabilitating her whole mouth and filling in the gaps until she came in to The Fono.

Although Angela was not in any pain, Mariam says her function and appearance was compromised as she was missing posterior teeth (pre-molars and molars), which affected her eating habits. She did not like to smile with her teeth showing either.

Angela’s treatment plan involved:

  1. Extensive consultation of treatment options
  2. Planning of the end result with lab assistance including wax models
  3. Temporary mock-up of the result in Angela’s mouth to try new teeth for functionality
  4. Two days of treatment to prepare teeth for crowns/veneers and to cement them
  5. Several visits to make Angela partial dentures to fill in gaps

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The end result is a much improved smile and a happy patient.

Mariam says Angela was delighted with the results and received compliments from friends and family as well.

“Angela’s results were really great. She now likes to smile with her teeth showing and is extremely happy with the results.”

And Mariam’s advice to others?

“See your dentist regularly and if you have any concerns about tooth wear or missing teeth, talk to your dentist about it.”

Want to improve your smile?

If you have experienced teeth wear or are unhappy with your dental appearance, contact us today for a dental consultation. We aim to provide affordable, high quality dental and will work with you to develop a treatment plan for the best results within your budget.

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*Angela is not the patient’s real name