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Dental Injury Treatment - Dental Case Study

Dental patient Max* came to The Fono dental with broken front teeth caused while playing sport at school. Here we catch up with Clinical Director of Dental Dr Mowafaq Amso on Max’s treatment.

Colgate says that dentists estimate that 13-39% of dental injuries occur while playing sports. About 80% of all dental injuries affect at least one of the front teeth. Damage to the tongue or cheek is common, too.

Mowafaq says it is very common in school-aged children to see dental injuries that are sports-related. Because of the physical nature of playing sport, particularly contact sports, dental trauma during sports can cause a range of oral injuries.

These include tooth (crown) fractures; tooth intrusion (where the tooth is pushed inwards), extrusion (where the tooth is pushed outwards) and avulsion (where the tooth is completely dislodged out of the mouth); and jaw / joint dislocation. Mouth guards can help to prevent oral injuries, and when they are fitted correctly do not significantly affect ventilation or speech.

In Max’s case there was damage extending right to the nerve of his tooth. Mowafaq describes the seriousness of his dental condition as an 8/10.

As a 13 year old, Max was in the care of his school dental service and was referred to The Fono as provider of free adolescent dental care.

“Our dentists have training in managing sports-related dental injuries,” he says.

“Dr Mariam Anwar recently attended the biennial conference of The International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) in Brisbane and has updated the team on all the latest science and practice in dental trauma management worldwide.”

Max had an initial assessment and x-rays to determine the severity of his injury. This showed damage extending to the nerve so was followed by a root canal treatment of the upper right central incisor tooth.

Both central incisor teeth were then restored with white composite filling material, with careful shade-matching for best aesthetics.

The end result is a corrected smile and a happy patient.

Mowafaq says the results speak for themselves.

“Max’s smile has been restored to an excellent standard and his teeth are back to normal.”

And Mowafaq’s advice to others?

“Wear mouth guards! We can make them at The Fono for one person or the whole team so please enquire.”

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  • We offer free adolescent dental care for ages 13 to 17 (until their 18th birthday) with most services covered, except for orthodontics and ACC claims
  • The Fono West also provides emergency dental care for 0 - 12 year olds
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*Max is not the patient’s real name