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Fractured Teeth – Dental Case Study

Biting on a stone in some cereal proved to be an ordeal for dental patient Mere, who endured years of living with fractured front teeth. Seeking restorative dental treatment with The Fono, Mere is smiling once again in this dental case study. 

Clinical Director of Dental Dr Mowafaq Amso says tooth fractures can range from minor to serious.

A common injury involves chipping of the outer enamel and dentin layers of the tooth, while more serious cases involve fractures and damage to the tooth’s inner pulp layer. Loosened teeth and bleeding gums may be a sign of a more serious fracture.

Either way, Mowafaq says the longer tooth fractures are left, the worse they can get.

Treatment generally involves restoring teeth to their original shape, form and colour.

“It’s really important to visit your dentist promptly, to avoid fractures getting worse,” he says.

“That way we can ensure we can restore your teeth to their old shape, form and colour.”

In Mere’s case, an unlucky bite of some cereal with a stone in it caused her front teeth to fracture. The fracture wasn’t dealt to properly and worsened over the years.

Mere plucked up the courage to visit The Fono Dental for a detailed consultation, and Dr Amso describes the seriousness of her case as an 8/10.

After discussing the process to restore her front teeth, Mere’s teeth were restored simultaneously to ensure shade matching.

And the result?

“The results of Mere’s treatment were outstanding, she was really pleased.”

Dr Amso’s advice to others is simple – don’t wait, deal to it early for the best results.

Want to improve your smile?

Don’t wait, get it fixed – if you have a tooth fracture it’s important to deal with it quickly to ensure we can restore your teeth to their old shape, form and colour. If you are interested in improving your smile contact us today for a dental consultation. We aim to provide affordable, high quality dentistry. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan for the best results within your budget.

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