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Fractured tooth crown – dental case study

Dental patient Melanie fractured her tooth crown and was suffering aching pain as a result. Needing to have her tooth restored, Melanie came to The Fono Dental and sought treatment with Dr Mow Amso. We share her dental case study.

Fracturing a tooth crown can be quite common whether from an injury or from general wear and tear of your teeth. 

Dr Amso says this type of fracture is often very painful.

“With a crown fracture, of not dealt with promptly, it is likely the patient will progress to experiencing severe pain, infection and abscess, and the pain can keep a patient up at night” he says.

“Intermittent sharp pain may progress to dull aches that prevent basic daily function and reduce the patient’s quality of life.”

Melanie had been a regular attender at the dentist, and maintained a good standard of oral hygiene, but the seriousness of her tooth fracture was quite severe and Mow describes the fracture as an 8/10 on the seriousness scale.

Mow recommended careful clinical and radiographic assessment to determine the best mode of restoring this tooth.

“Melanie’s needs and wishes were considered, including financial circumstances,” says Mow.

“Treatment was provided in the form of a One Visit Crown (OVC) which costs almost half the cost of a regular crown.”

Mow describes the results of her treatment as fantastic.

“The treatment satisfied Melanie’s wishes to have an affordable white replacement of her broken tooth,” he says.

“She was really happy with her new white tooth and it didn’t break the bank!”

Mow advises other patients that the best way to avoid a situation like a tooth crown fracture getting worse is to have regular check-ups.

“Regular check-ups at the dentist DO save you $$$.”

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