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Front teeth dentures – Dental Case Study

Dental patient Cam* had a motorbike accident in his twenties and fractured his teeth. Never getting them fully restored, his teeth became broken, abscessed, painful and discoloured. He sought treatment from Fono West’s Dr Mowafaq Amso. We catch up on Cam’s treatment in this dental case study

Mowafaq says that patient Cam’s motorbike accident in his twenties had caused significant damage to his teeth.

“Cam’s teeth were fractured in an accident and he never got them fully restored,” says Mowafaq.

“Over time, the teeth became broken, discoloured and abscessed, causing immense pain to the patient.”

Because of financial constraints, Cam had avoided getting them properly fixed which made the situation deteriorate.

He had heard about The Fono through a friend, and reached out to seek treatment.

Mowafaq describes the seriousness of Cam’s condition as a 9/10.

He completed a thorough examination of Cam’s teeth as well as a hygiene treatment to improve the discolouration of the teeth.

He then fabricated a denture in preparation for immediate placement after extracting the broken front teeth.

The results are a vast improvement.

“Cam is so much more comfortable now that his front teeth are fixed,” says Mowafq.

“He has a renewed smile and is free from pain.”

And Mowafaq’s advice to others?

“Come see us early even if you think finances are a barrier,” says Mowafaq.

“We will work with you to make it happen.”

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*Cam is not the patient’s real name