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Gum disease – dental case study

Dental patient George hadn’t visited the dentist in over four years, and had developed gum disease from tartar build-up. After seeing an oral health promotion session he was inspired to seek dental treatment at The Fono Dental – we share his case study.

Having not been to a dentist in over four years, dental patient George’s oral health care had been inconsistent.

Previous visits were mainly to relieve pain, and he’d previously had a tooth taken out due to advanced damage that could not be repaired.

He had also developed gum disease affecting his overall oral health. His teeth had stains and tartar build up on the front of his teeth, the back of his teeth and inside the gaps between his teeth. 

Treating dentist Dr Mowafaq Amso says it is very common to see untreated gum disease that consequently deems loose teeth unsalvageable.

“Tartar is a calcified layer of plaque that builds up over teeth with time if a person does not have regular cleans at the dentist,” says Mow.

This tartar causes gum bleeding and swelling, and eventually, it grows to the space between teeth and under the gums.

“Over many years, it causes teeth to become loose, which sadly is not reversible. This is quite a serious condition that affects the longevity of teeth,” he says.

During his detailed consultation at The Fono, George and Mow discussed the diagnosis of gum disease and its effects on his oral health.

This was followed by a deep clean of the whole mouth where Mow removed tartar from above and below the gums, and from between teeth.

George will also return in another three months to receive another round of cleaning, to ensure his new found level of good oral health is maintained.

From then on, he will be seeing The Fono every six months to have a clean.

Mow says George has been really happy with the results.

“He was really pleased and has found a reason to maintain regular dental checks and cleans.”

Mow adds that George is also planning on bringing his three kids along.

“He can be a role model for good behaviour and habits that will ensure their teeth are kept for life,” says Mow.

“The best way to ensure teens continue visiting the dentist past the age of 18 when their free dental care ends, is for them to have supportive environments and role models that will emphasise the value of a good oral health. Well done George!”

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