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New Dentures - Dental Case Study

Dental patient Maria had let her teeth get to the point where she struggled to eat and didn’t like to smile. That was until she came to see Dr Mowafaq Amso and got new dentures for a whiter, brighter smile. We share her case study 

Over the years, dental patient Maria had neglected her teeth, and most of her teeth had been extracted while the rest were worn and broken.

The state of her oral health meant she couldn’t eat well, and she was always self-conscious to smile when visiting friends or going to church.

Dr Mowfaq Amso says it’s common to see people neglecting their teeth.

“Neglect of our own teeth is very prevalent in NZ society, and our patient is no exception,” says Dr Amso.

“Factors like affordability and access are key barriers to accessing oral health care.”

He says The Fono works to remove those barriers.

“The Fono works with patients, families and social workers to enable better access and realistic, affordable care to people.”

In Maria’s case, luckily a friend who works at The Fono recommended she make an appointment with The Fono Dental.

Maria took the plunge and wanted to have dentures made to replace her worn out and broken teeth.

A detailed exam and supportive x-rays were undertaken to assess the patient’s suitability for an immediate denture, where the newly made teeth are delivered at the same visit when the decayed teeth come out. 

Dr Amso described the seriousness of Maria’s oral health as a 7/10.

“Multiple visits were planned to execute a well-fitting denture and a reline of it was carried out three months after delivery,” says Dr Amso.

“This ensured a good fit was achieved even after all the gum healing and shrinkage.”

Maria is absolutely ecstatic about the results. 

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“The outcome was absolutely fantastic. Maria loved it and can’t stop smiling.”

And Dr Amso’s advice to others who may need to see a dentist:

“Think about why you have put off your dental problems. Whatever the reason is, we have a solution for it!”

Want to improve your smile?

If you have experienced teeth wear or are unhappy with your dental appearance, contact us today for a dental consultation. We aim to provide affordable, high quality dental and will work with you to develop a treatment plan for the best results within your budget.

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