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The Best Start in Life

Salota Pou thought buying babies formula milk was the best option when she was pregnant.

But after attending Healthy Babies Health Futures classes run by The Fono, she soon discovered otherwise. 

“I learnt that all the goodness a newborn baby needs is in the mother’s milk,” says the young mother to Deasheigh.

“Even better, it’s always at the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold … and it doesn’t cost anything.”

Salota, who is originally from Lefaga, Samoa, is also making meals at home more often, with vegetables now a staple part of their diet.

“We still like corned beef, but I drain the oil from it and use a lot more vegetables like carrots, cabbage and potatoes. I now know that it’s bad if you keep using the same cooking oil over and over again.”

To satisfy her sweet tooth, Salota is also eating apples instead of soft drinks and snack bars, knowing they are rich in vitamin C, low in calories and contain enough fibre that helps satisfy the hunger pains.      

While Salota originally joined The Fono’s Healthy Babies Health Futures Pacific programme for the benefit of her newborn baby, she’s pleasantly surprised that she has benefitted, too.

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