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Tongue piercing chipped tooth – dental case study

Dental patient Michelle chipped her front tooth with her metal tongue piercing, causing a noticeable gap in her smile. She sought cosmetic dentistry treatment with Dr Mariam Anwar at The Fono Central, so we’re sharing the results in this dental case study. 

Metal balls on tongue piercings can easily chip teeth, says Dr Mariam Anwar.

“We recommend patients change the metal ball on either end of a tongue piercing be changed to a plastic one to avoid such incidents,” she says.

“In Michelle’s case, she had chipped her front tooth with her metal piercing.”

The patient had a good dental history in general, without any major problems, so the issue was a cosmetic dental issue, rather than a functional issue.

Mariam says this kind of issue cannot be avoided, but can be easily remedied with a trip to the dentist.

Seeking treatment at The Fono Central Dental, Michelle spoke with Mariam about her options.

“We talked together while looking in the mirror to decide if the patient wanted the gap closed completely or to leave a small gap,” she says.

“We also discussed how large she wanted the teeth to become.”

For chipped front teeth, the treatment involves a process called bonding, which uses a tooth-coloured composite resin.

“It is a quick, effective and simple solution to close a gap in between the front teeth,” says Mariam.

Michelle is really happy with the results.

“She has been told by friends and family that she looks like a completely new person now,” she says.

“She has taken plenty of selfies since, so it’s a great result.”

Want to improve your smile?

Switching your tongue piercing to a plastic ball attachment is the best way to prevent chipping. If you are interested in improving your smile contact us today for a dental consultation. We aim to provide affordable, high quality dentistry. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan for the best results within your budget.

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