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A hidden gem

In his 27 years of dentistry The Fono’s newest dentist Dr Jeremy Stevens has worked in the UK and NZ and has owned private practices in NZ. However the South Wales born and raised dentist decided it was time for a new challenge. So he sold his practice in Kaiapoi (Canterbury) and worked part-time before making the move to Auckland to take up a full-time position at The Fono Central.

“I wanted to give something back and work for an organisation with a caring culture,” says the Leeds University qualified dentist.

His experience has been varied, starting off in the UK in the National Health Service, and even joining the military to be a dentist in the British Army for four years.

He then found himself in the Channel Islands on Guernsey before moving to Northumberland, “right up to the northeast on the border of Scotland” for private practices.

However 11 years ago he and his wife made the move to New Zealand.

“I started in Hokitika,” he says, for seven years owning a private practice, before moving to Hamner Springs and buying a practice in Kaiapoi for four years.

Being frank about what got him into the profession, he reminisces about the first time he’d wanted to be a dentist.

He was about 10 years old, and his older cousin turned up to his home in a brand new Porsche 924.

In awe, Jeremy asked his mum what his cousin Phillip did for a job. She replied that Philip was a dentist.

Dr Stevens laughs as he admits that although it was initially what got him interested, the industry really did appeal to him.

“Helping people and making their lives better,” he says is the best part of the job for him.

As the new Dental Team Leader at The Fono Central, he says it’s good to be working in a place that’s focused on delivering quality dental services while not only thinking about the profit margin.

The Fono is also about helping people that might not be able to afford to have dentistry work done.

He says the recently refurbished dental surgeries make the environment more welcoming and modern for patients including city workers, families living in the inner-city and students.

Being new to the city he’s amazed that many people around The Fono Central are unaware of its existence and hopes to change that.

“We’re a hidden gem. We need to get out there and stamp a presence on the local area so people know it’s here,” he says.

He hopes that more people will take advantage of the excellent service available, combined with The Fono’s caring culture.

“We can provide any service that any other dental practice can provide,” he says, in regards to the exceptional standard that The Fono offers for their affordable prices.

“I’ve seen some of the case presentations of these guys here, my colleagues, and its amazing dentistry that they’re doing.

“Far better dentistry than I’ve seen in most private practices that I’ve come across.

“If people are aware of that, and with the caring culture, I think we should be bringing patients in in large numbers- that’s the plan- that’s what we want to do.”

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