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From Cairo to The Fono

Egyptian Dr Magdy Mishriki is well aware of the incredible history of the country he was born in.

“It goes back many thousands of years,” he says, referring to historical records which show the region was the first to implement farming methods at around 5000 BC.

It’s ironic that the country he has called home for almost two decades, New Zealand, was the last great land mass on earth to be discovered around 750 years ago.

“When you come to a beautiful country like this, it’s like you’ve got a fresh start in life.”

Dr Magdy studied medicine and completed his post graduate qualifications in Egypt before moving to live and work as a Doctor in Bahrain, located in the Persian Gulf.

But, he admits the lure of searching for new lands appealed to him and his family.

“We started looking around and thought New Zealand and Australia were very appealing,” he recalls.

He applied and received a positive response from Immigration New Zealand. After sitting a General Practitioner qualification exam, followed by a bridging programme with the New Zealand Ministry of Health, which he passed, Dr Magdy was offered a 15-month internship based at Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland. 

He then worked at local clinics before applying at The Fono’s Manurewa clinic in October 2016.

“I knew the clinic because my wife worked here for a few years when it was The Peoples Centre,” he recalls.

Dr Magdy lives locally and knows the Manurewa area well. He says the challenges in a high-needs area, such as Manurewa, are significant.

“Even with my experience and knowledge, I was still surprised at the amount of illness and chronic problems such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma of a lot of our patients when I joined The Fono in October 2016,” he says.

“The good thing about The Fono is that we are set up to deal with it. We have specialist nurses for diabetes and other common ailments and that’s bringing in more patients who know that we can help them.”