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Leaving her mark

Dentist Dr Sherin Takawi moved from Egypt to live on Auckland’s North Shore with her family at the tender age of six. As The Fono Central’s newest dentist, Sherin wants to ensure patients are not only satisfied with their care, but that they learn enough to manage their oral health well.

The first of her family to pursue a career as a health care professional, Sherin Takawi says she always knew she didn’t want to be a doctor.

“I looked into dentistry and I found that it was an appealing pathway,” says the 23-year-old dentist.

However her story with dentistry begins much earlier, in her own childhood.

“I had a really nice dentist; she made me love going to the dentist when all my friends hated it,” Sherin laughs.

“She used to let me help her hold the suction, or my friends’ hands while they were getting dental treatments.

“That’s when I was first attracted to dentistry, and when I grew up I started looking into it more.”

Sherin found the lifestyle and flexible hours appealing; however even more appealing was that there was a huge patient satisfaction record.

“Usually the patient comes in experiencing pain, and they leave not in pain anymore. It’s really very rewarding.”

Sherin studied at Otago University in Dunedin for five years, completing the first year of health science before being offered a position to study her Bachelor of Dentistry.

Now, fresh out of dental school she has been with The Fono Central for five months and is loving it.

Sherin enjoys being able to provide affordable dental care to people in the community who would not necessarily be able to afford quality care otherwise.

“It just makes me feel better about coming to work every day because the people you help here really make an impact on your life, it’s really nice to be able to give back to the community in that way.”

Sherin finds herself developing into a better dentist at The Fono because of the open and helpful environment of her workplace.

“Everybody that I work with is really lovely and helpful- if I ever get stuck and need advice I can just ask.

“I’m very lucky because a lot of new grads in my place don’t really have that.”

She’s found that the help allows her to build her skills as a clinician.

“I can ask and get second opinions and confirmation that I’m doing the right thing, and I’m always learning and improving.”
Sherin hopes to consolidate everything she’s learned at dental school with the knowledge and skills she’s developing at The Fono in a way that allows her to help her patients not just feel better when they visit, but educate them so that they are able to prevent some of the issues she is coming across.

“I hope to keep helping my patients every day, but also contribute to the overall care of patients and leave my mark at The Fono.”

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