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Asthma Support Programme / Respiratory Clinic

Some descriptionAsthma affects 600,000 Kiwis, according to the NZ Asthma Foundation, and symptoms are often triggered by allergens, some medicines, physical activity, smoke, flu and weather changes. Asthma disproportionately affects Maori and Pacific people, and lower socio-economic groups. Studies have linked socio-economic disadvantage with difficulty in accessing primary health care needs, leading to hospital admission for asthma.

The Fono Respiratory Clinic provides ongoing support to children and young people including outreach, education and free visits - for families and patients living with asthma. A holistic assessment is provided on the physical and emotional health as well as the financial and social wellbeing of the patient.

The service is not limited to enrolled patients at The Fono – casual and non-funded patients can also use the Respiratory Clinic. Families living with members who are asthmatic, relatives who wish to know more about managing asthma and students often frequent the busy clinic.

As an Asthma patient you can use inhalers if prescribed by the GP and see an asthma nurse if you need more information. Appointments can vary from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the consultation. It may include CVD (Cardiovascular Risk) assessment, diabetes education, other co-morbidities and immunisation.

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Enrolled Pacific children and young people (aged 2-15 years) with mild, moderate and severe asthma

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