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Diabetes Management

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The Fono diabetes clinic helps patients get the most care in a single visit with a one-stop-shop for services. We have a dedicated diabetes nurse specialist, and dietician podiatry clinics available in the one location.

Support is offered to patients who have ongoing long-term chronic diabetes, including support and follow up when you leave the clinic. The Fono team can contact you with reminders when you are due to renew or start new medications and work with you to identify any barriers to health, explain any terminology, condition or treatment that you do not understand.

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle chronic illness that leads to multiple life-threatening complications if preventive lifestyle changes are not included early. Therefore, prevention and screening of diabetes is targeted for Pacific and Maori adults.

Early diabetes can be reversed with lifestyle change and medication. Chronic diabetes management is aimed at delaying the onset of severe complications.

At our diabetes clinic patients get the care needed to control their diabetes and work towards reversing it. 

Get on your way to managing your diabetes and health for the betterment of yourself and your family.

See our diabetes clinic nurse to discuss:

  • lifestyle changes
  • how to take medication
  • when to test diabetes
  • understanding insulin levels
  • what to do when levels are low

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Enrolled patients at The Fono West and The Fono South who have Type 2 Diabetes 

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