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Nutrition Programme - Vegetable Garden Project

The Fono provides a service to help community groups to establish vegetable gardens in their own backyards or shared space, with the aim of increasing daily vegetable intake for members of these households.

A gardening tutor is available for the ‘getting started’ demonstration. Participants learn how to convert from grass to cultivating soil, seeds are sown, and seedlings are planted. Tutors are knowledgeable about mainstream and traditional Pacific gardening practises.

Each group then receives a start-up package to put to practice. The gardening tutor will return and visit individual group to offer further advice and to work alongside members as gardens get established.

Once gardens are established and start producing vegetables, a cooking tutor offers a cooking workshop with recipes that make use of the produce.

The vegetable garden programme includes:

  • A start up package for each group in the programme, tailored to the needs of the individual community, and containing some or all of the following elements: basic gardening tools, seeds and a gardening information guide
  • Garden workshops on getting a vegetable garden started, follow up visits to households enrolled in the programme to offer further expertise as gardens get communities, and a progress package of seeds, seedlings and plants
  • Cooking workshops on using home grown produce to make appealing and nutritious meals, food preparation guide and recipe booklet

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