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Mental Health Support

The Fono provides recovery orientated support and role modelling to individuals experiencing poor mental health. The Fono’s team of Community Support Workers provide services that are tailored to the individual, allowing people to live in the community as independently as possible with appropriate supports (such as Whanau and Whanau Ora).

The service ensures flexible, consumer orientated support is provided when needed, to ensure the individual has a safe and satisfying life. Services provided are socially inclusive and facilitate engagement in community and whanau activities that the individual identifies as meaningful and where appropriate consistent with a Pacific approach.

Tailoring services to the individual and their whanau allows support to be coordinated and responsive to the changing aspirations, capacity / capability, goals, needs and mental health requirements over time.

Access this service
Family member
Family GP/Doctor
Mental Health Services

Aged from 18 years
Living in Waitemata
People who have a mental health issue and require ongoing support while living in the community
Of Pacific descent


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