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Stained teeth – dental case study

Following years of drinking tea and coffee, dental patient Morris became fed up with the stains that had built up on his teeth. Looking for a quick and effective treatment, he came to The Fono central and sought treatment from Dr Sherin Tekawi. Find out more in this dental case study.

Dr Sherin Tekawi says it is very common to see patients with stained teeth when they regularly drink stain-inducing beverages like tea, coffee and red wine.

Dental patient Morris was no exception, and disliked the appearance of his front teeth.

A frequent visitor to the dentist for regular check-ups, Morris wanted to have the stains removed in a time efficient and conservative way.

He had a consultation with Sherin, who describes the seriousness of his case as a 6/10.

“A one appointment approach was taken with Morris,” says Sherin.

“He had both his gums cleaned, and the stains removed at the same visit, with no anaesthetic being required.”

Sherin says Morris was pleased with the outcome, with the stains removed.

“He was very happy with the quick and effective results.”

Her advice to others is to get regular dental check-ups and cleaning.

“Patients should also limit their intake of stain inducing beverages such as coffee/tea etc.”

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