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HEAD OFFICE  |  PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)   |  LOCATIONS  

PHONE 0800 366 648
(0800 FONO 4U)

Quality Dental Care Services


Caring is our culture

Operating from three locations throughout Auckland, The Fono offers a full range of quality dental services. Please contact The Fono’s nearest clinic if more information is required.


1. To be eligible for the promotion, and ensure best results, patients must have had an dental exam, diagnostic x-rays and professional cleaning within the last six (6) months and be free of any active tooth decay and gum disease. Patients must be over 18 years of age with teeth deemed suitable for Teeth Whitening.

2. A complimentary pre-whitening consultation appointment is provided to assess suitability. This is a limited examination and does not include a comprehensive examination and x-rays. Patients may be refused if dental disease or other conditions are present that are contra-indications for teeth whitening.

3. Existing fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures will not change colour. Further dental treatment to correct their shade may be required.

4. Individual results may vary depending on many factors. It is not possible to predict the extent to which an individual’s teeth will whiten as a result of this treatment. Additional whitening treatment may be needed to achieve adequate results.

411 Great North Rd
P: (09) 837 1780

L2, 33 Wyndham St
Auckland City
P: (09) 302 2496

7 Halver Rd
P: (09) 267 6331

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