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Frequently Asked Questions


How long must I wait for an appointment after I call?

We do our very best to ensure our patients aren’t kept waiting.  Sometimes our doctors have to spend a bit more time with a patient based on their needs at the time and it’s difficult to know how long certain appointments will take.  Sometimes patients will have urgent needs or will need to work with a hospital or specialist service.  If you are concerned about the time you have been waiting, or you feel concerned about your immediate condition, please let our friendly reception team know. 

Are any of your clinics open on Saturday?

Yes, The Fono West is open Saturday between 8.30 am to 12.30 pm.

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Medical Services

What free health services are currently available?

The Government funds certain services which you may qualify for. The doctors will alert you about any free or subsidised services that may be available for you personally. Our website is also a good place to keep up to date with funded services, health programmes and initiatives that are available. Keep an eye on our services page and subscribe to our e-newsletters to stay informed about all the health benefits and special care programmes and initiatives The Fono have to offer.

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How long are your doctor’s appointments?

Our standard doctor’s appointment time is a 15 minute appointment. If you think you will need longer then please tell the receptionists when you make an appointment and they can book a double appointment if necessary.

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Enrolment and fees

Why should I enrol with The Fono?

  1. Cheaper GP fees as a VLCA clinic
  2. Continuity of care with your GP
  3. Priority appointments
  4. Reminders and recalls
  5. Access to The Fono’s extensive community and social services

How much do you charge?

Refer to our fees page for all pricing 

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Dental Services

Do you have Dental Clinics at all of your locations?

We offer dental services at our Henderson Dental Clinic in West Auckland, Auckland City Dental Clinic in the CBD and at our Manurewa Dental Clinic in South Auckland. 

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How often should I visit the dentist?

For most people 6 monthly visits are recommended – your dentist can tell you at your appointment when you need to come back next, plus we will send you a reminder when it’s time for your next visit. Regular visits to the dentist are essential for preventative measures, detecting problems early before they become more extensive, costly, and harder to fix.

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Whanau Ora

What is Whanau Ora?

Whanau Ora is a family centred approach that recognises that the best solutions to family challenges come from the families themselves. Through this programme, Pacific families are supported to achieve their goals in health, education, economic development and culture. 

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What is the aim of Whanau Ora?

The aim of Whanau Ora is to help your family become stronger in the areas of health, education, wealth and/or culture. 

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Ready Steady Quit Stop Smoking Service

How does the Stop Smoking Service work in Auckland & Waitemata? What does the programme look like?

The FREE service consists of a face-to-face programme in which people are supported through their quit journey by a qualified expert in stop smoking techniques. The programme aims to provide choice, flexibility and be responsive to the individual’s needs. For example, people can choose either group-based sessions with peer support and expert advice or one-to-one sessions.

Who is able to use the service?

The FREE service is available to anyone who has decided to stop smoking who is eligible for publically funded New Zealand health services and lives, works, learns or plays in the Auckland or Waitemata DHB regions.

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