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Enrolment and fees

Why should I enrol with The Fono?

  1. Cheaper GP fees as a VLCA clinic
  2. Continuity of care with your GP
  3. Priority appointments
  4. Reminders and recalls
  5. Access to The Fono’s extensive community and social services

How much do you charge?

Refer to our fees page for all pricing 

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What if I need a doctor but can’t pay my bill?

At The Fono our number one concern is your health and well-being.  If you are worried that you can’t pay the doctors fee, ask to speak to one of our practice nurses.  We will speak to you privately about options that may be available to you.

View our payment policy 

How do I qualify for the lower medical fees?

You need to be enrolled with The Fono first and meet at least one of the criteria on page 2 of the enrolment form. Your medical records from your previous doctor will also need to be transferred across to The Fono.

Click here to find out more about enrollment

How do I enrol with The Fono Medical?

To enrol you will need to complete an enrolment form.
You can do this online – click here 
Or you can complete the form at our clinic when you visit.

Do I have to make an appointment with a doctor before I can enrol?

No, you can enrol before you need to make an appointment.

Can I visit a doctor at The Fono without being enrolled?

Yes, but this would be as a casual patient, at the full fee .
Click here for our fees.

How do I qualify and apply for a CSC (Community Services Card)?

For more information please go to work and income

What is the difference between a ‘casual’ and an ‘enrolled’ patient?

Casual patients visit from time to time but may have their own doctor elsewhere, not have a doctor at all or not be eligible for enrolment. Enrolled patients usually attend The Fono regularly and have funding from the local health authority (PHO).