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Whanau Ora

What is Whanau Ora?

Whanau Ora is a family centred approach that recognises that the best solutions to family challenges come from the families themselves. Through this programme, Pacific families are supported to achieve their goals in health, education, economic development and culture. 

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What is the aim of Whanau Ora?

The aim of Whanau Ora is to help your family become stronger in the areas of health, education, wealth and/or culture. 

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How does Whanau Ora work?

Your family will be supported by a ‘Navigator’ who will work with your family to achieve their goals. A Navigator is a case worker who will work in close partnership with your family.

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Why has my family been invited to participate in Whanau Ora?

While all families will require some support towards becoming strong, we have only been able to identify a select number that will be invited to participate in the Whanau Ora programme. Your invitation to participate may have arisen from a referral from your health worker, teacher or community worker. In line with the aim of the Whanau Ora philosophy, we hope that your involvement may result in your family being able to assist other families in the future. 

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What will it mean for my family if we choose to participate?

If your family chooses to participate in the Whanau Ora programme you will need to develop a plan that will show your family’s goals and what your family needs in order to achieve them. Your Navigator will help you to access some of the resources required. The service is free and a small amount of money has been made available for each family participating in the programme to help meet the cost of fulfilling their plan. Access to these funds will be through the Navigator.

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How long is the Whanau Ora programme and can I exit early?

The duration of the Whanau Ora programme is for up to three years. Depending on how quickly families progress through their plan, this period may be shorter. Although we would like for your family to remain in the programme until you fulfil your goals, you have the right to withdraw from the programme at any time. 

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Will the information my family shares with the Navigator be treated as confidential?

Yes. Any information that you share with your Navigator or any other member of the Whanau Ora staff and commissioning agency, will be treated as confidential. Although some information may be consolidated and reported to our funders, this will not include your personal details.

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How big is the Whanau Ora programme?

If your family chooses to participate in the Whanau Ora programme, you will be one of 3,000 Pacific families selected from across New Zealand. The Whanau Ora programme is initially for three years.

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What are Whanau Ora Collectives and Providers?

Whanau Ora collectives and providers are those organisations who will work with families. Should you decide to accept the invitation to participate in the Whanau Ora programme then you will need to sign the service agreement booklet to participate. Should you have any further questions then please ask your Navigator or contact The Fono team.

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