HEAD OFFICE  | PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)

HEAD OFFICE  | PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)

PHONE 0800 366 648
(0800 FONO 4U)

The Fono is moving forward

Welcome to our new family brand and exciting new story!

The Fono recently undertook an evaluation of its structure and brand. With our rapid
expansion and the ever-changing operational landscape and Government priorities,
the timing was right for a review.

The evaluation has resulted in the creation of a Fono umbrella brand with four
operational sub-brands that reflect our key service areas as follows:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Social
  • Health

This new relationship provides more autonomy to the operational areas. It means
that they can innovate, collaborate and excel at providing responsive services.
It also provides a platform for the creation of meaningful partnerships with other
service providers and Pasifika communities.

Furthermore, the organisation’s structure is now much easier to understand for
partners, funders and the communities we serve. Ultimately, it makes our services
more accessible to local communities which means we can make a difference to
even more Pasifika.

We hope you enjoy the exciting journey of this new chapter with us!