HEAD OFFICE  | PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)

HEAD OFFICE  | PHONE 0800 366 648 (0800 FONO 4U)

PHONE 0800 366 648
(0800 FONO 4U)

The Fono Pharmacy’s Delivery Lifeline

As soon as the government announced the Covid-19 lockdown, The Fono Pharmacy (Dispensary Plus Pharmacy) team led by Niranjan Singh leapt into action with an innovative delivery service.
‘We were very concerned about how The Fono’s patients could obtain their medicines and prescriptions safely,’ explains Niranjan.

‘Rather than being forced to go outside to get their prescriptions and essential medicines, we wanted to make sure people stayed home and saved lives.’

In response, Niranjan and his team came up with a pioneering solution – an Auckland-wide delivery service. The service is open to any of The Fono’s patients. It could be repeat prescriptions or new medicines needed following a virtual consultation. And the good news is it’s free of charge.

There’s no doubt, the service offers an essential lifeline for Pasifika families. Already struggling with reduced incomes and the challenges of looking after elderly family members and even stranded relatives, the service means they have one less stress to worry about. Instead, they can stay home in the safety of their bubbles.

‘We have been in demand since the lockdown started,’ says Niranjan. ‘We are now making around 600 deliveries a week all over Auckland. From Whangaparaoa to Pukekohe and everywhere in between, our fantastic team has been on the road every week of the lockdown.’

Most prescriptions are delivered on Fridays, but deliveries are made on other days for urgent requests. This means no one has to wait too long for their essential medicines.

The free delivery service will continue during alert level 3.

The Fono is very proud of the pharmacy team who are doing a fantastic job. The delivery service is just one of the ways we have responded to the challenges of the pandemic. Coming up with innovative, practical solutions that meet the needs of our Pasifika community is what The Fono is all about.

If you would like to find out more about the free delivery service offered by The Fono Pharmacy (Dispensary Plus Pharmacy) Team, or you would like to access the service, then contact us on 09-8384350 or 0211573110 or by email: thefonopharmacy@dispensaryplus.co.nz