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Stop Smoking Service

Stopping smoking is one of the hardest but the best decisions you can make for your own health and for the health of your entire family.

The Fono can support you in your journey to stop smoking. Our doctors, nurses and community teams can help you and we have samples of nicotine patches and gum on site at each of our clinics. Ask your Fono doctor, nurse or community support worker about how we can support you to quit for good.

One option might be a 7-week, face-to-face, stop smoking programme, where you’ll be supported through your journey by a qualified coach. There’s the option of one-to-one coaching or attending group-based sessions. This Stop Smoking Service is delivered in the Auckland & Waitemata regions by The Fono and ProCare


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Access this service

There are lots of different ways to access the Stop Smoking Service in Auckland & Waitemata. Anyone wanting to stop smoking, or anyone supporting someone to quit like a fanau member, friend, Fono GP/Doctor, church group etc, can contact the service:

Phone: 0800 500 601

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The Stop Smoking Service is for people wanting to participate, and available to anyone who is eligible for publically funded health services and lives, works or plays in the Auckland & Waitemata DHB regions.

Locations Available

The service is being delivered from a range of sites throughout the Auckland and Waitemata regions, including Fono clinics and community-based locations. The service can also come to you, so if you’re doing one-to-one coaching, it might be easiest for your coach to meet you at home, talk on the phone, or meet at a public venue such as a café.