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Bowel Screening

New Zealand has one of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world. Bowel screening can save lives by detecting bowel cancers at an early stage, when they can be treated more successfully. This is important, as there may be no warning signs or symptoms that bowel cancer is developing.

Men and women aged 50 to 74 who live in the Waitemata District Health Board area are being invited to take part in a FREE Bowel Screening programme to check for early signs of bowel cancer. Bowel Screening is part of a pilot running until the end of 2017 to test whether bowel screening should be introduced throughout New Zealand.

During the pilot most people will be screened twice. The Fono also offers educational support for eligible people participating in the Bowel Screening Programme.

All men and women aged between 50 and 74 years, residing in Waitemata

Free for all eligible patients

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Fusi Mareko coordinates The Fono Bowel Screening service. 

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Bowel Screening Waitemata Programme 

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