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Social Services

The Fono offers a range of social services to cater for community needs including a mental health service, family support and family start programmes and a youth mentoring service.

The Fono also offers home based support services for enrolled Fono patients who are experiencing social issues that are impacting on the health outcomes of the family.


Waitemata Family Start 
Waitemata Family Start is a child-centred, family-focused, early intervention home visiting programme that works with families with the greatest needs, to build strengths and capacity to ensure that their children have the best possible start in life.

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Family Violence and Safety Programmes
The Fono is now providing Family Violence Programmes and Safety Programmes for Pacific people across all of Auckland. If you need support, please reach out and let us know. Our inspirational counsellors and social workers are ready to support you and your family. Be the change you want to see.

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Family Violence crisis intervention
The Fono offers a crisis intervention service for West Auckland Pacific families who are experiencing family violence issues. This specialised social work support service is actively involved with the Police, working in partnership to strengthen families and communities.

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Financial Mentoring Services
The Fono offers financial advice, support, education and mentoring to help people achieve their financial goals and gain control of their lives in order to make long term positive changes. 

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Mental Health Support
The Fono provides recovery orientated support and role modelling to individuals experiencing poor mental health. The Fono’s team of Community Support Workers provide services that are tailored to the individual, allowing people to live in the community as independently as possible with appropriate supports (such as Whanau and Whanau Ora).

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