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About us

The Fono is a proven leader in delivering health outcomes for the people who need it the most, fostering well, safe, vibrant and informed communities.

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Here's how we work for you

Caring is our culture

The Fono works collaboratively and in partnership with our families, communities, government, service providers and stakeholders ensuring our services remain culturally appropriate and safe.

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Our purpose

We are built on a culture of caring - both in the improvements we want to see in the lives of our people, but also in our approach on the ground to ensure that everyone we work with feels respected and supported. This culture of caring is combined with a drive to improve wellbeing and equity for Pasifika, delivered with a cultural awareness of the differences of our communities from the general population and the required approach to support them to better meet their needs.

The Fono Care

Whole person approach

Fono Care treats the whole person, rather than just addressing individual symptoms or conditions. It considers the individual's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs and how they all interconnect.

Integration of care

Fono Care promotes the integration of our different services to provide coordinated, comprehensive care. It recognises the importance of addressing social, environmental, and economic factors that can impact an individual's health.

Whānau focused

We acknowledge the role of the family in the context of delivering care. Therefore, we don't just treat an individual but the whole family.

Four decades ago the pioneers of The Fono had a vision. To establish a Pasifika for Pasifika health and social services hub for our families and communities. We are realising that vision today.

Fiugalu Tevita Funaki MNZM

The Fono CEO

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Our values

The Fono's core values encompass a commitment to providing exceptional healthcare and wellbeing services that truly care. We are proud of our reputation for putting people first.

Whānau relationships

The Fono care for my family and community


The Fono is true to their word


The Fono engages respectfully with me


The Fono is open, honest and safe for me

We're building healthier futures together

Our rich history

The Fono story is built on creating a safe space that provides accessible and quality healthcare to the needs of a growing Pasifika community in Aotearoa. With over 36 years of clinic experience, we continue to break barriers.

The Fono Board

We're guided by a passionate and diverse group of thought leaders within our community. Our board contribute an extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise, leading our journey towards positive impact in our communities.

Our leadership team

Together, The Fono's leaders bring diverse skills and experience in the private and public sectors. Their proven forward-thinking and strategic vision continues to drive The Fono's growth and ensuring sustainable success.

Join The Fono whānau

Elevate your career at The Fono, where purpose meets passion. We have many roles across our services that make a meaningful impact in healthcare, well-being, education and social services. There is a place for you here.