Enua Ola

Enua Ola is a holistic programme of health and wellness, enabling communities to keep active, improve their wellness and encourage healthier lifestyles.

What is it?

Our Enua Ola programmes supports 35 groups every year, including community groups and Pasifika churches, to promote healthier living and wellbeing among their members. Enua Ola provides the following:

$6k in funding: towards the group's existing health and wellness programme. The group decides what to spend the money on, as long as it keeps their members active and making better health choices. This could include buying exercise equipment, first aid training for their members, physical exercise classes, personal training education, nutrition education, etc.

Two free health checks: for the groups each year, run by The Fono Parish Community Nurses. We often invite our other Fono services to attend the health checks and provide information and education to members about diabetes, quitting smoking, breast screening, etc.

Pasefika Outrigger Heath Challenge that all participating groups must take part in. It's an 8-week weight loss challenge that can be started between April - June. We hold a celebration event for all groups, highlighting and acknowledging everyone's achievements and awarding prizes to the winners.

Networking every 3 months: Along with you, our Enua Ola team and other leaders of the participating groups will meet every 3 months to discuss learnings and share how progress in the programme is going.

Our successful groups who are participating in the Enua Ola programme must also commit to:

  • Creating a heath committee that we can liase with during the programme
  • Provide a 1-hour group physical activity session at least 24 times a year
  • Provide four nutrition sessions a year
  • Provide progress reports of their programme

Who can access it

Applications to the Enua Ola programme open each year between May to June. Your group must develop a plan to increase physical activity, good nutrition for your health programme. Your group must also meet the following to apply:

  • Be a Pasifika church or
  • Be a Pasifika community group or trust
  • Be actively running fitness/physical activities
  • Be a 30+ members group
  • Have a safe and suitable venue
  • Be located in West Auckland or North Shore
  • Have a group bank account

How do we help?

We have a compassionate team of Enua Ola co-ordinators, Parish community nurses, who will be a part of the journey with our 35 groups. They make sure the groups are achieving their goals and that their health programmes run smoothly. Our team are diverse and culturally competent, with the ability to speak more than two languages.  Also, our Enua Ola coordinators visit our groups once a month to provide support. Parish community nurses follow up with individual members after health check-ups and refer them to their GP if needed. Through Enua Ola activities, we might find that you or your community members need more support. That's why we also offer wrap-around services to you and your group from The Fono, connecting you to the resources you need.

Applications only open in May.