Fees and payment options

We don't show prices for our dental treatments online. Treatment costs vary and are dependent on individual situations. We also offer flexible payment options that can support you.
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First consultations give us and you the full picture

We use this time to understand your needs and tailor the best treatment plan for you. At our dental clinics, we offer initial consultations starting from $65. During your first consultation, we will:

  • Examine your teeth, gums, and jaw
  • Do some x-rays if needed
  • Review and assess your dental history and oral health
  • Create a personalised treatment plan with you
  • Recommend and explain why you need necessary treatments
  • Provide a quote for the proposed treatment
  • Give you time to ask questions
  • Discuss any concerns you might have

Start your dental care journey and request your first consult with us online.

What can I expect?

Make your first consultation by simply reserving a slot today through our online booking system at your convenience.

Reserve your consultation online

Reserve your first consultation at your preferred The Fono dental clinic, time and date online. You'll need your email address to reserve your spot.

We'll call you and discuss

Someone from our helpful team will call you within 24 hours of your online booking to confirm your consultation. They will ask some questions about what you need and ensure all details are accurate.

Your appointment will be booked

We'll book your appointment. If you're not already registered, we'll register you over the phone too. We'll provide a reminder call the day before your appointment and kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes early.

Day of your consultation

Upon your arrival let our friendly receptionist know you've arrived and pay your consultation fee before being seen by your dentist. Your first consultation will take 30 mins.


Book a consultation

Reserve your first consultation at your preferred The Fono dental clinic, time and date online. You'll need your email address to reserve your spot.

City Healthcare Centre

Henderson Healthcare Centre

Manurewa Healthcare Centre

First consultation

First visit

First visit with X-ray*

30-minute appointment

(consultation, identify treatment, personalised plan)

$65 (consult only)

$95 (includes up to 2 small normal x-rays only*)

*does not include full mouth/ OPG x-rays.

Payment options

At The Fono Dental, we believe in making dental care accessible for everyone. That's why we offer a range of flexible payment options to suit your needs. From insurance claims to WINZ quotes and more, we're here to support your dental care journey.

Payment policy

The Fono is a community trust who strives to deliver high-quality healthcare at a low cost. To continue delivering this promise to you and your family, we require our patients to pay for their consultations and treatments on the day of their consultations.

Payment for your consultation is to be made upon your arrival. Please see the reception first when you visit.

We accept EFTPOS payments only. We do not hold any cash on site.