Whānau Ora

Whānau Ora delivers wraparound, family-centred services that develop the strengths and capabilities of whanau to create positive change in our communities.

Whānau Ora is a culturally-based, and whānau-centred approach to wellbeing. We're here to understand and meet the needs of Pasifika whānau with open arms.

For today and for the future

Our support wraps around your whole whānau, from the little ones to the wise elders. With Whānau Ora, you and your whānau are the decision makers in your journey, determining your own goals and aspirations. We start with the strengths and capabilities of you and your whānau as a foundation. Then we build upon it. We'll surround your whānau with the support and services needed to achieve positive outcomes. Whānau Ora at The Fono focuses on important areas like health, education, budgeting, work, better living, and preserving cultural identity. Whānau Ora encourages whānau to embrace confidence, pride and a sense of belief in themselves, their family and their community.

Here's some ways Whānau Ora supports:

  • Help ease financial worries by guiding you to lower debt, increase your income, and save for a more secure future.
  • Through learning and training, we help you with new skills, opening doors to steady work and creating pathways for better employment.
  • We'll support you in living a healthier lifestyle and managing health matters in a way that suits you.
  • Focus on creating a safe, nurturing and healthy home.
  • Becoming a lead in your community, we'll unite families for everyone's benefit.

Whānau Ora is more than a service - it is a caring partnership that honour's your whānau's journey and future aspirations.

Who can access it

To access our Whānau Ora service, you must be referred to us by one of our The Fono services. You also must be:

  • Pasifika
  • NZ citizen or permanent resident.
  • Your household must have three or more whānau members.

If you don’t meet the criteria that's okay, we can help you connect with other agencies who also provide Whānau Ora.

What we can help with

Our team of dedicated Whānau Ora Navigators will be by your side every step of the way. They are diverse and culturally competent, with the ability to talanoa in a specific Pasifika language if needed. You'll be matched with a navigator, who'll meet with you at home or where you feel the most comfortable and safe.

Your navigator will support you from the very first moment of contact, until you and your whānau no longer need the support. Together, we'll work towards your dreams in education, health, financial freedom and community leadership. Throughout our time with you, we will get to know you and your whānau. Our focus is to help you and your whānau become self-reliant, leading healthy lives, and deeply engaging in your culture and community by:

  • Identifying what you and whānau need support in.
  • Helping you create goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
  • Connecting you to services, it might other Fono services ie Feleoko, Healthy Minds, to help you on your journey.
  • Providing support and advocate for you and your family.

Your journey with us lasts at least three months, ensuring we provide the support you need.

Connecting through talanoa

What can I expect?

We'll call you within 48 hours

Contact for you can be a referral from a Fono GP or other The Fono services. We will call you within 48 hours and ask a few questions to determine if you are eligible to this service.

We'll meet with you

Meet your Whānau Ora Navigator. They will visit you, explain the service and together help create a plan tailored to your needs.

We set goals and progress

You set your goals, we provide guidance and support to other services to achieve the goals.

Ongoing support

We'll have regular check-ins and review your goals every 3 months if they've been achieved and determine if you're in a good space to exit the service.