Men's Health

We want to help men to live healthier lives for longer. We encourage small regular changes in your lifestyle to ensure more quality time with your family. Having regular check-ups, even if you feel okay, is important.

group of 4 males sitting on a picnic table outside

How we help

From prostate to bowel screening support, heart disease care to a simple check-in, our diverse and experienced medical team have a proactive approach to men's healthcare and wellness. We prioritise accessible and culturally safe care. Across our clinics, male GPs are available if you prefer.

The range of men's healthcare at The Fono Medical includes:

  • Heart disease assessments
  • Prostate assessments
  • Chronic care management for diabetes and kidney disease
  • Skin cancer examinations
  • Testicular examinations
  • Sexual health
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Other common men's health needs such as glucose, cholesterol and thyroid function