Emergency & relief of pain treatments

Need urgent dental care for toothaches or tooth injuries? Don't panic - our emergency dentists at The Fono are ready to take action immediately. Contact us as soon as possible for prompt assistance.

What to expect

Dental emergencies can be sudden, unexpected and inconvenient, causing severe pain or tooth loss from activities like sports. These moments can disrupt your daily life. We can provide care for you and your family, including treatment for dental accidents and emergency relief of pain treatments (ROP).

Our dental clinics are ACC accredited. Check out our ACC accident treatments for more information. Emergency relief of pain (ROP) this service is available to Community Service Card (CSC) holders only. They can access emergency appointments for relief of pain in the tooth/area causing significant pain.

Eligible patients are entitled to:

  • two ROP appointments per year at $40 each.
  • during this ROP appointment you can get an examination and x-ray.

Emergency appointments are for immediate pain or emergency. General dental work is not covered in this emergency appointment. If you're not eligible, emergency treatments are available but will be at normal price.

How we help

Call our dental clinics to book your relief of pain emergency appointment if you are eligible. Remember to bring the following to the appointment:

  • Community Service Card
  • photo ID and
  • proof of residency (if required)

The $40 fee must be paid on the day of the appointment. If further treatment is needed, regular fees will apply and will vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. Other emergency appointments are available and your dentists will let you know about any additional costs.

Talk to our dentists for more information, we can also help you with a quote to take to WINZ if you eligible.