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The Fono Healthy Minds

Sometimes life can be challenging, making it harder to move forward. LagiOla, our Healthy Minds services are here to help strengthen your wellbeing, your family and community.

If it's an emergency you must call 111

Warm embrace of two people

If you are in danger and need urgent help, call 111

The Fono Healthy Minds services

Here's how we work for you

Our LagiOla - Healthy Minds service is available to all patients and users of The Fono's services and Pacific people across Tāmaki Makaurau. Guided by Pacific values we encourage you to reach out, and will support you with tools and strategies for better physical and mental wellness.

Feeling really down or depressed

Anyone can have depression, it impacts people of all ages. One day we're up and the next day we're feeling quite low. Sometimes we're not sure why we're feeling this way. But it's ok.

Feeling more worried or anxious

Growing anxiety can sometimes take over you, which might leave you feeling a bit more fearful or anxious in situations. We can help you with tools to manage these moments.

Dealing with grief and loss

Loss of a loved one and things we are attached to can be hard. Our team can help you deal with grief and loss.

Get back on track with your physical health

Our team can also help you set goals for your physical health and maintain a healthier lifestyle as part of your overall wellbeing.

Feeling stressed with relationships or work

Stress is normal. It can make us feel tired and grumpy. It's part of being human. But if it overwhelms you, it can have a huge impact on your life, even making you feel physically sick. LagiOla can support you to deal with this.

Building bridges to community wellness

Sometimes through our talanoa, we often discover that we can help you better by linking you to other community activities and services. Our team can facilitate and support you in making those connections.

What can I expect?

Our LagiOla service provides talanoa and practical tools and strategies to help you cope better.

Make contact with us

Contact for you can be a referral from a Fono GP, other The Fono services or self-referral from you through the online form. Someone from our helpful team will call you within 48 hours from the receipt of contact.

We will call you within 48 hours

We'll call you within 2 working days, and ask you some questions to help us understand what support is needed and who is the best person to connect with.

We will book an appointment with you

An appointment will be booked for you at your chosen clinic location with the most appropriate person.

Next steps

Further appointments may be booked in advance, after your first appointment once the type of support has been identified. These appointments can be in-person, phone or home visits where possible.

We're a team of highly trained and compassionate mind health specialists

Private and confidential. Choose how to communicate and talanoa with us, in-person, over the phone, video, or home visits. We work together with you to decide the best approach for you.


Our Psychiatrists are doctors that specialize in mental health. They diagnose and treat mental illness and emotional disorders, and can prescribe medication that your usual GP can't.


Our expert Psychologists specialise in understanding the human mind and behavior to help people overcome trauma and life's ongoing stresses. We offer therapy tools to improve your mental wellbeing, working with individuals, families, and groups of all ages.

Mind Health Practitioner (MHP)

They're registered counsellors with training in social work, counselling or occupational therapy. Our MHPs often work with individuals, families, or groups. They use a variety of intervention tools to help people cope and conquer life stresses.

Health Coach

Our Health Coaches help people learn self-management skills and introduce physical wellbeing into their daily routines to achieve a better quality of living for themselves. This support is usually over a longer period of time.

Community Service Worker (CSW)

We also have our Community Service Workers, who support people who need the extra hand to meet their goals in everyday living. To access this service, you'll have to be referred by a secondary mental health service or through our LagiOla clinic.

Cultural Navigator

Our Cultural Navigators support families to access health and social services that can make a real difference in improving wellbeing. Whether your needs are short-term or require a longer commitment, they are dedicated to assisting families until their needs are met.

Need to talk now?

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Crisis helpline

If you need someone to talk to urgently, these trusted services have trained counsellors, ready for you any time, 24/7. They will support you in confidence and will help you right away.

If you are in danger and need urgent help, call 111

Have questions? We've got answers.

Frequently asked questions

Getting the care you need for your mental health can be overwhelming. Here are a few questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, you can use the search bar at the top of the page to look for what you need.