IV Sedation

If you're an anxious patient during your dental visits, IV sedation can be a good choice for you. It helps you relax while your dentist completes your treatement. IV sedation is often used in complex dental treatments, like tooth extraction or surgical procedures.

What to expect

Before a procedure: If you want to use IV sedation, you'll need to tell us about your medical history and if you're taking any medication. You can't have any food for 6 hours beforehand and no alcohol on the day of the procedure.

After a procedure: Because of the sedation, you will feel very tired after the procedure.

  • You must not drive. Please organise for someone to drive you home.
  • You can't operate any heavy machinery.
  • You should avoid demanding activities.
  • Children should be closely monitored for the rest of the day.

For most surgical procedures, your dentist will schedule a short follow-up appointment a few days later to see how you are doing.

How we help

We offer sedation to help calm your nerves during your dental treatment. However, sedation is unsuitable for some people, including pregnant or nursing mothers, and people with a history of heart, liver or respiratory problems. Please consult with your GP first. IV sedation has an extra cost. If you're interested please talk to us, a short consultation with our dentist is required to discuss your suitability and plan what is best for you. We use sedation for:

  • extensive or full mouth rehab in one sitting rather than over multiple appointments
  • minor oral surgery
  • complex extractions
  • dental anxiety