Oral Health Therapists (OHT)

Oral Health Therapists (OHT) specialize in oral health care - including cleaning, scaling and polishing teeth. They can identify and diagnose potential dental problems and provide education about oral health for you and your family.

photo of smiling female in dental uniform standing by consult room

What to expect

Oral health therapists (OHT) play a crucial role in promoting oral health education. Our dentists provide comprehensive dental care, including more complex treatments, whereas OHTs focus on prevention and basic restorative procedures, like regular and specialist cleaning and the prevention and treatment of gum disease

OHTs are especially trained in caring for children and teenagers. Teenagers from Year 9 to 18 years, our OHTs can do exams, cleans and some treatments like fillings and fissure seals

How we help

Our OHTs will keep an eye on your gum health and track it over time. During each visit, they will thoroughly clean your teeth and detect potential dental issues early, such as disease in your teeth and gums. They advise on preventative and therapeutic methods to control oral disease.

Patient education on oral hygiene is a huge part of what our OHTs do. They will work closely with your family to teach proper brushing, flossing, healthy diet choices, and lifestyle habits that can impact your oral health. We recommend regular cleaning appointments with our OHTs every 6 months to maintain your long term oral health. Treatment costs may vary depending on the procedures performed. Talk to our team at any of our dental clinics, for more information.

Our Oral Health Therapists do the following:

  • regular preventative care: specialist teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing
  • basic restorative procedures: place fillings, extract teeth if needed (note: this is for patients under 18 years old.)
  • oral health education
  • early detection and diagnosis of dental issues
  • fluoride treatments