Crowns & bridges

If you have missing teeth, cracked, broken or decayed teeth our experienced dentists can help you with crowns or bridges. They look like your natural tooth, can improve your oral health and strengthen your teeth while bringing back confidence in your smile.

What to expect

Crowns are made to cover and protect your damaged teeth. They are usually made of materials like porcelain (gold crowns are also an option in some cases). Dental crowns look like your natural tooth and are custom-made to match the colour and shape of your natural teeth. We use them if your teeth are damaged by decay, weakened fillings, or if you've lost a lot of the natural tooth structure in your mouth. Bridges close the gap in your mouth and are a great choice to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They fill in the gap and help to restore your bite and overall oral health. They are fixed permanently and offer an easy long term option to boost your smile.

How we help

At The Fono, depending on what's needed, a crown or bridge treatment will take two appointments: At the first visit, your dentist will reduce the size of an existing filling or remaining tooth structure to make room for the new crown or bridge and prepare for impressions of your tooth structure. These impressions are sent to a lab to make your new crown or bridge.

Sometimes your dentist may recommend deep cleaning and/or tooth whitening before your crown or bridge to ensure that we are matching your new tooth your true base colour. We have can help with your whitening options – your dentist will discuss this with you if recommended.

You'll come back for a second visit two or three weeks later. Your dentist will remove the temporary placement and fit you with your shiny new teeth.

If this is an option that interests you, get in touch with our dentists for an initial consultation. Costs for this treatment will vary based on individual treatment plans.