LagiOla Healthy Minds team

We understand that it can feel difficult to seek help, but please know that we're here to listen without judgement. Our team members also juggle life's commitments, such as family, community, school, and work, just like you. Caring for your wellbeing is important to further strengthen the wellbeing of our family and loved ones.

Our Healthy Minds LagiOla team are trained to help you make changes to improve your mind health and physical health. With diverse backgrounds and cultures, our team have years of experience and specialised skills in psychiatry, psychology, counselling, and coaching. We also can connect you to other services in the community that can help address some of the things that are causing stress and challenge.

Share with us what is important to you and together we will help you, using tools and strategies to get you on your journey of wellness. We'll provide the highest level of privacy and confidentiality to guarantee your safety and comfort. Our journey with you begins with talanoa, so please reach out to us when you are ready. We'll support and navigate this process with you, side by side.